Sebastian Ripoll
  • 2012 Strengthening and Sports Science Consultant 
  • Master of Health Science (Exercise and Sports Science)- University of Sydney, Australia
  • Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
             -Far Eastern University Men’s Basketball Team, March 2010 to October 2011 
             -SMART Gilas Philippine Basketball Team, April to June 2011.
             -SPARC Sports Performance Center, Far Eastern University, October 2008 to December 2009.
             -Philippine Taekwondo Team and the Philippine Taekwondo Poomsae Team, June 2004 to January 2009.
             -Philippine Men’s Football Team for the 2004 SEA Games.
             -Strength & Conditioning Coach for Men’s Ateneo Basketball 2002 (champion), 2003 (1st runner-up).
Leobert Castanares
  • Professional Boxing Trainer
  • Assistant Coach to Philippine and World Champions, namely:
         - Bobby Pacquiao (WBO Interim Champion)              - Bart Abapo (RP Champion)                        - Rocky Fuentes ( RP Champion)
         -Dondon Sultan (WBF World Champion)                    - Dindo Castanares (WBF World Champion)
         - Michael Domingo (RP Champion)                             - Z Goress (WBO Aspac Champion
         -Certified ELITE Ringside Boxing trainer 

Ruther Del Castillo
  • Professional Boxer (10 rounder)
  • 2003 National Youth (Amateur Silver medallist)
  • 2002 National Youth (Amateur Bronze medallist)
  • 2002 Boxing Olympics, Cebu City (Amateur Gold Medallist)
  • 2001 Intercity Fights, Cadiz City (Amateur Gold Medallist)
  • 1999 Milo Boxing Olympics, Cebu City (Amateur Silver Medallist)
  • Certified ELITE Ringside Boxing trainer

Ranel Del Castillo
  • Professional Boxer (10 rounders)
  • 1st professional fight- win by TKO 1st round
  • Undefeated Amateur boxer (10 fights)
  • Certified ELITE Ringside Boxing trainer