About Us

Who We Are

Ringside Fitness has been successfully providing weight loss and strengthening services for men and women, boasting a high fitness achievement rate.

Ringside utilizes three pillars: fitness, nutrition and psychological motivation in its training.

Ringside also offers nutritional supplements and basic therapuetical services to help members achieve their goals.

Our Mission

Our goal is to help ensure that our members achieve their fitness goals FAST. Most people want to look good and be healthy, but are challenged by their demanding lifestyle. This is because people are working longer hours and struggling to balance career, family, social life and health. Ringside can make it easier, by providing you with one of the fastest calorie burning programs!

Company History

Ringside was founded in June 2003 at the Corporate Center Building located in Alabang. It has close to a decade of proven effectiveness in achieving weight loss and strength. Ringside Fitness has branched out to provide its services to prestigious gyms and country clubs such as the Moro Lorenzo Sports Complex at the Ateneo de Manila and the Palms Country Club in Alabang.