The Boxing Gym

Date Posted: May 27, 2014


Boxing is one of the most popular sports that employ your upper, core and lower body by repetitive twisting of the body, throwing of punches and the utilization of quick foot work. Also known as the "gentlemen's sport", "sweet science" and "pugilism", boxing debuted as an official Olympic contact sport by the ancient Greeks in BC 688. Because of its popularity, boxing gyms are now one of the most sought-after fitness and training centers today.

Boxing progressed to an effective method of weight loss and alternative form of fitness. Boxing burns an average of 50% more calories than other usual gym activities, since boxing is an intense aerobic workout. Boxing gyms and fitness gyms, such as Ringside Fitness in Alabang, Muntinlupa saw the potential of the sport and its routines, and pioneered systems of weight loss using boxing as a tool.

What to expect at a boxing gym?

Boxing gyms are usually one of the most boisterous and loudest fitness centers to go to. Equipment used in boxing gyms are usually the same with other fitness center. Nonetheless, other essentials are added such as boxing ring, punching bags and speed balls. This equipment are the foundations of a boxing gym to ensure proper workout execution and training. Also important equipment includes boxing gloves, hand wraps, mitts and gears.

Boxing gyms are the cradle of amateur and professional fighters. Basic to advance stance are being taught to increase competence and advantage to a fight. Boxing techniques being taught and employed in a boxing gym includes stance such as up-right stance, semi-crouch, and crouch; punches such as jab, straight, hook, uppercut; and defense such as slip, sway, block, footwork, duck or break, and cover-up. Less common and signature techniques are usually seen in professional bouts and being shared in a very advance level. Strategies such as "rope-a-dope" strategy, wherein the boxer will lie on the rope as a means of trap, then attacking the opponent when aggressive yet defenseless, was used by Muhammad Ali against George Forman, and by Manny Pacquiao against Miguel Cotto. Another strategy is the Bolo punch, popularized by the middleweight Ceferino Garcia on 1960's. Since this style is popularized by a Filipino fighter, this technique is being widely taught in boxing gyms in the Philippines.

Potential benefits from joining boxing gyms, aside from having it solely as a sport, are being discovered as time goes by. Boxing as a sport, fitness regiment, self defense and stress reliever is becoming popular. It has seen beneficial effect from people undergoing weight loss program to achieve optimum fitness. Boxing gyms and fitness centers such as Ringside Fitness has seen the benefits that can be reaped from boxing since researches record that this sport burns 50% more calories than the usual gym activities such as treadmill, stationary bike, and more. Since boxing is also a form of self-defense, many people are enticed to join boxing gyms to help them defend their selves whenever certain life threatening situations arise. Stress can also be diminished if boxing is distinguished as a form of recreation. Either ways, aside from joining a fitness gym, you can obtain its benefits, especially if combined with good eating habits, vices cessation, and enough sleep.