What to expect at Ringside Fitness

Date Posted: April 19, 2013

As you approach Ringside Fitness, you can hear the thrum of the speed bag, the sharp cracks of boxing gloves striking mitts, and the buzz of the round timer. It occupies two floors of Madrigal Corporate Center; the upper floor is where the weight lifting equipment and locker rooms are located, and the lower floor of course is where the action is.

For first-timers at Ringside Fitness, the trainers will put you through a quick fitness test at the beginning of your training program. This is to determine your fitness level and goals, and your routine will be designed by a Ringside trainer to be in line with these. At Ringside Fitness, their motto is “Get sexy and strong...FAST!”  Full programs include: 
•                Functional strengthening and weight lifting,
•                Boxing,
•                Nutrition and behavior modification,
•                Passive slimming treatments, and
•                Recovery therapy sessions to get you back to the gym, burning those calories. 

Trainers go through with you your program.  The functional strengthening exercises are first (How to use bands, kettle bell, medicine ball, dumbbells, agility ladder.) to increase your muscle strength and endurance in preparation for the ultimate cardio workout- boxing.  Next are two rounds of shadow boxing. This is when you learn the basic forms and footwork for throwing the basic punches: the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut, while learning proper position of your feet, shoulders and head for throwing these punches. 

Then comes what will either be your favorite or most despised part of the fitness boxing workout at Ringside: The mitts. Here a trainer will teach you to throw punches with speed, all the while maintaining proper footwork. Eventually, you will learn defense, countering, and once you feel you’re ready, you can try partner play with a trainer, both of which stimulate a boxing match, but with controlled contact. Fun! 

For the less active individual, Ringside Fitness also offers slimming and recovery therapy sessions in order to help you lose additional inches and help your body recover more quickly from the workout. Also, your trainer will do a fitness evaluation to determine if you’ve met the targets set at the beginning of the program. Following Ringside Fitness’ strategy of boxing, strengthening, and nutrition, chances are good that you will be able to meet and exceed your fitness goals! You dont believe?! Ask about our money back guarantee program (MBG).

After an hour at Ringside Fitness, one feels energized and strong! It is an excellent way to start your day or unwind after a long day at your desk.